Brand Communication 4.0

Fabian Smogulla
Ivo Radulovski

Heartbeat in the head - our motto is strongly connected to the way we take decisions on a daily basis.


Priming ist the nonconscious process by wich one thought leads to another, without conscious awareness of the connection. Priming explains how Consumers can be influenced in the absence of persuasion efforts or conscious deliberation. Imagine We could measure und visualize all this emotional trigger.

The challenge

Everybody links different meanings to a brand and therefore shapes the brand unconsciously.

The Solution: Synchronizing

Both emotional brand experience and rational brand benefits unfold their full potential only when they are fed into a strategic and communicative context: the SyncProfile. This profile shows the reward types (SyncTypes) with which the brand is fundamentally aligned. Based on these findings, the reason why, benefits, brand promise, positioning, tonality and expression are developed and manifested in the brandsync® brand management model. In this way, you achieve a strategic overview of all brand and communication activities.


Imagine you could address every visitor to a website individually no matter where they come from: be it website, newsletter, phone, mailing or at the counter. Every interaction and even your voice and what you speak are being decrypted and translated into a personal emotional profile. 

Brand Communication 4.0

With unified profiles across all channels, we optimize websites, portals, and apps not only according to the interests of our target groups but also to their emotions. You can get information about your target group across all touchpoints and optimize your communication. The brandsync digital solution is a unique and innovative set of systems which work together to allow global brands to deliver personalized messages that have an impact.

About trio-group

Just emotional branding Our commitment is to the emotional brand. In B2C and B2B alike. Because people love emotions - whether they are aware of that or not. Science has proved it and we use that proof as the basis for brand success. The basis of our success is the people who interact within trio-group, across all our locations and disciplines. After all, that is what our promise to you is built on: customer-oriented work, powered and activated by a culture that sets free the highest levels of creativity. In our 20 years history, we have worked with most of the German DAX companies. Some of our clients are BASF, Novartis, Getrag, VW Financial Services.